The Market Cafe Restaurant - Menu's

Please review our various menu's to see the cajun and creole cuisine we offer. Remember, we also accomodate large parties, groups and cater events!

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Enjoy Our Jazz Buffet on Weekends - ONLY $10.95
Mon - Sun - Holidays: 8 am - 1 pm

Due to market conditions, prices subject to change
Some Visitors Comments

"We had certifiably Heavenly food". -- J. Martin Eckert, Pastor, University Lutheran Ministry,
Normal, IL

"...and the rest of us will come back again because it was like dining on the patio of a true Parisian restaurant! Viva la France!" J. Perry, Santa Ana, CA

"Your fast service was enjoyable. We especially liked eating where the action is in the French Quarter." Karen Sears, Houston, TX

"The entire drive home we played the CD of the band. Fortunately, we didn't have to tip them after every song, but we did while we were there because they made our dinner taste even better. Keep up the great cooking."
Allison Gordon, Mobile, AL